"The system, designed and built by ANRIC, is recognised as a key resource in our business growth and sustainability. It's been a tremendous boost for the organisation, enabling us to focus more strategically and explore directions that were previously not possible." Rachel Mason, General Manager, The OTIS Foundation

Business Applications

ANRIC build completely customized Business Applications (often based on Web Technologies) to Simplify, Improve and Consolidate your unique Business Processes. It sounds very Cliché, though we believe our Business Applications genuinely achieve this - let's explore this together.


Take a minute to focus on a time-consuming recurring process within your Business. This could be a process that takes 5 minutes to complete (but is often repeated, adding up to many hours a month) or a process that takes hours to complete..

ANRIC can take this process, bottle it up in a Business Application and Simplify or even Automate all, or part of its execution. Be it small or a complex inter-web of processes and dependancies that appear impossible to simplify (we love these) - Contact us to understand the possibilities.


Often just taking the time to review a Business process that has evolved over the years can identify many Improvements. ANRIC will walk through your Business process and bring our breadth of experience along with us, to help identify Improvements from another perspective.


Bring together the various systems and data storage locations into one. This allows your business to seemlessly make data associated with the Business Application accessible by all, even directly by your clients. Consolidating can also save your business the overhead of maintaining numerous individual data stores.

Application Hosting

ANRIC maintain a private Business Application Hosting environment, distributed across 3 Data Centers, all of which are located within Australia. Our Business Application Hosting environment enables us to provide a high-availability platform in which to deliver your application upon.

Our Application Hosting is not a rebranded Plesk or CPanel solution, we have built our Application Hosting platform from the ground up. We're that confident in our environment, we provide 24/7 one-on-one support for all our Application Hosting customers.

If you are a novice needing help to navigate a Hosting platform or security conscious about the risks in using a Plesk or CPanel platform - our Hosting is for you!

Got Questions? We'd love to talk to you. Contact Us!