IT Support

"ANRIC have been our IT partner for over 5 years, providing a fully outsourced IT function and are an integrated extension to our growing business" - John Demelis, Executive Director, DB Results

Ongoing IT Support

Have you considered outsourcing your IT Support or perhaps specific functions of your IT Department?

ANRIC live and breathe Information Technology - it's our passion and we excel in this space! Aligning your business with ANRIC unleashes our knowledge and industry experience of our entire team. Better yet, you can achieve this at a lower investment than maintaining an in-house IT Department and/or resource.

We support a range of technologies from Microsoft, Apple and Linux - providing your business with a broad range of options, beyond purely the default Microsoft choice.

Below are a few key features of our Ongoing IT Support:

  • On-site within 15 minutes for our CBD clients as required (for critical issues and/or as per client requests)
  • 24/7 Support (including public holidays)
  • Affordable plans, more cost-effective than a fulltime in-house resource
  • Allows the regular maintainance of your IT Infrastructure - stop putting out fires and keep on-top of it all
  • No lock-in contracts (we don't need them - we stand by the quality service we know we deliver and you will come to love)

Adhoc IT Support

Our Adhoc IT Support is ideal for businesses whom need an occasional hand with their IT Infrastructure. With a pay-as-you-go model, your business can draw from our experience as much or as little as you need, when you need it.

Adhoc IT Support is best suited for businesses with minimal IT requirements or businesses with in-house IT, requiring a level of IT Support your in-house IT can call upon, on an as need basis when an experienced hand is needed.

IT Consulting

Day in and day out, ANRIC help business with their IT Infrastructure, from complex High Availability Data Center environments to smaller, yet critical desktop enviornments required for the day to day operation of business.

Our broad range of experience has exposed us to a range of IT setups and project roll-outs, enabling ANRIC to provide custom built solutions that we can plan and implement with confidence. Our IT Consulting is not only based on industry best practice, but also on practical and proven methodologies.

Engage ANRIC to assist with your next IT Project to assure your business is heading down the right route with confidence.

24/7 Monitoring

Do you have critical IT Infrastructure that needs an always-online presence?

ANRIC's 24/7 Monitoring is designed to provide business with an automated method to track and notify (via email or SMS) when your critical IT Infrastructure is offline or not performing as expected. We are proud of our ability to completely custom build periodic checks to suit a range of equipment - if you want to monitor it, chances are we can build a process to achieve it.

We have built custom monitoring solutions for Office 365 availability, spammer detection, DoS detection as well as your simpler Web Server Availability and Backup Monitoring. If you have a critical piece of equipment you want to monitor, chances are we can do it - enquire with us!

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