Did you know the Australian Government led NBN is built upon VOIP?

VOIP can enable your business to leverage the latest enhancements Voice Communications have to offer, whilst lowering telephony expenditure.

Business VOIP

In a nutshell, VOIP (Voice over IP) is the ability to make a telephone call over a broadband connection. It works just like your traditional phone service, but it's smarter and more affordable.

Medium to Large sized Enterprise have long recognized the benefits of VOIP. It's now Small Business whom are taking up VOIP with its low cost to implement and maintain, as a key driver for adoption.


ANRIC established itself in 2006 with ISDN. It worked well, but progressively we kept hitting limitations. We wanted a nice Greeting for our Customers, Customized Hold Music that reflected our business culture and the ability to allow staff to take their telephone number with them whilst they were Mobile. We soon realised these were much harder and expensive to achieve with traditional ISDN.

This brought upon our movement to VOIP. For years now, we have been using VOIP as a business and grown our knowledge along the way in this space. We have been offering VOIP solutions for a range of customers and what we see common to all is, once they go VOIP, they don't look back.

What is key in a successful VOIP implementation is the right experience to be able to deploy it correctly - without this you can expect problems.


Our pricing varies, but to give you an indication of cost - $10 per user, per month. Yes, we're much more affordable than traditional ISDN.

Contact us so we can customize a plan to suit your business.

Call Center VOIP

ANRIC provide custom built Call Center VOIP solutions, with the goal to provide your business with a solution that moulds perfectly into your Call Center environment.

We are not your typical cookie-cutter Call Center VOIP provider

Over the years we have built into our VOIP platform the common features all Call Center's require, such as Reporting, Call Recording and Agent Authentication. This functionality provides the base for our Call Center solution, however here's where we differ.

Our platform is built upon Open Source, enabling us to offer truely customizable and integrated Call Center VOIP solutions - typically not possible with your cookie cutter based VOIP software. This advantage enables your business to integratCall Center functionality, direct into your existing systems.

Here are a few custom integration projects we have developed leveraging our Call Center VOIP platform. If you have a specific requirement, please let us know - the sky is the limit!

  • Company Skinned, .NET based Call Monitor
  • Company Skinned, Call Recording Review Interface with Secure User Login
  • PDF to Email to Broadcast Fax

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